Who we are in Kitesurf

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Our story of kitesurf in Gibraltar spots

Our experience in kitesurfing for more than 15 years and knowing perfectly everything related to kiteboarding in the area of Strait of Gibraltar. From Sotogrande to Caños de Meca passing through  la mecca of kite Tarifa make it possible for us to explain everything related to kitesurf.

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Kitesurf Forecast

Kitesurfing experts who interpret the forecast and advise you where to practice in the best spot. We help you with the wind.

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Kite gear

Ask us about the most appropriate material and that we also provide you. If you need a twintip board, a hydrofoil or a kite of the size you need, do not hesitate to contact us.

Kitesurf holidays - Kitesurf camps

If you want to enjoy the best kitesurf camp or the best kitesurfing holidays. Feel free to ask for accommodation, kitesurfing, outdoor activities and much more.

We provide the best service

We advise you to make your best kitesurfing holidays in the entire Gibraltar area. From Sotogrande to Tarifa.