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Best kitesurf spots in area Strait of Gibraltar

Best kitesurf spots:


Tarifa is located 45 minutes from Gibraltar Airport and is one of the best spots in the world. You wil find there 2 kinds of winds: Levante and Poniente. Kitesurf all year long and great atmosphere in and out from the water.
There is an average of 300 windy days per year and there you will find a large number of shops, schools and kitesurfing environment. It´s the mecca of the wind in Europe.


Located in Algeciras only 20 minutes from Gibraltar. Works really well with on shore levante wind in that area. Mainly is flat water and perfect steady wind. Keep on eye, because beach season is forbidden during the month of August. Spring and Autum is amazing and you will love it. Maybe is not the most beatiful spot, but you will enjoy kite.


Sotogrande is really close to Gibraltar. You can sail all year round in this spot. It works very well with the east wind or when the east is really strong in Tarifa. There are two beaches where you can kitesurf: Downwind from the marina where there are perhaps less waves. And on the other hand with more shore breaks is the Sotogrande beach.

La Línea - Playa Poniente

La Línea is the closest point to the Peñon. In fact, the border crossing with the rock is with this town. From the Gibraltar airport itself you can see the spot of Poniente beach. A small beach but more than enough for you to practice Kitesurfing.
As we indicated, it works well with a west wind and, as it is picked up from the fetch, it is ideal flat water for jumping and learning.

Caños de Meca

When the east wind is really strong in the area of the strait and in Tarifa it is around 40 knots. You cannot miss this magical place if your level is intermediate and high. You should know that at least you should kite upwind.
It is a magical place, a little further from Gibraltar, which will take you about 1 hour to drive. Very close to emblematic places such as El Palmar.


Also located in the Bay like Palmones, it works very well with the east wind. But it is a more complicated spot, since the wind is on shore and there are also big waves that make it difficult. Perfect for those who want to practice strapless kitesurfing. You should know that from June 15 to September 15 the practice is totally prohibited. But during the off-season it is a wonder for kiteboarding.


Incredibly beautiful beach, where you can kite all year round except from June 15 to September 15. This time of high season kitesurfing is prohibited, but the rest of the year practicing kitesurfing in this spot is wonderful.
It is a place where the lift is also quite strong and the direction cross on shore. That is, if you have a problem you can always return to shore in complete safety.

Valdevaqueros - Tarifa

The Valdevaqueros cove is an emblematic place in Tarifa and we could say that it was designed for kitesurfing. It works with an easterly wind, where the wind is cross on shore and normally moderate to strong. And in summer due to the proximity of the mountain to the sea with a thermal wind from the west. The atmosphere is great since to the surfer atmosphere you have to add an unbeatable post kite.

Our Specialization is to know where and when is the best day

We are going to advise you which place is best for each windy day. Obviously, Tarifa is our favorite place due to windy days and conditions. But if one day, in Tarifa, the wind is too strong, we can suggest Palmones or Sotogrande.

Kite Schools

If your idea is to learn kitesurfing and you are looking for the best kitesurfing school. We advise you on it so that you make the right decision. Whatever your level they teach you the best kitesurfing in the area.

Wind Direcction

If your idea is to learn kitesurfing and you are looking for the best kitesurfing school. We advise you on it so that you make the right decision. Whatever your level they teach you the best kitesurfing in the area.

Kitesurf holidays

We help you book the best kitesurf package with accommodation. If you are a lover of other activities such as surfing or SUP, we also help you with the reservation and the best advice.

Our favorite spot and distance

From Gibraltar:

Tarifa.- 45,2 Kms. // 50 min.

Palmones.- 17,3 Kms. // 18 min. 

Getares.- 28,9 Kms. // 27 min. 

Sotogrande.- 25,5 Kms. // 22 min.