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Our goal is enjoy kiteboarding with you in the Strait of Gibraltar Spots.聽There are incredible places throughout the area. Kite with us!

Welcome to the students and riders of all Europe

Where we love kitesurfing

Everything related to the world of kitesurfing in Gibraltar. Also referring to relevant kite spots such as Tarifa, Palmones,聽 Sotogrande or Ca帽os de meca.聽

There are many special places where you can kitesurf near the rock where we will gladly take you and you can practice kitesurfing.

We help you with the best information: Kite gear,聽forecast, kite schools聽and tips to know where to enjoy the best wind and waves.

We advise you on your kitsurfing holidays throughout the Strait area where you will find incredible places, great weather and the best wind.

And the answer is YES, you can enjoy the best kiteboarding near Gibraltar, in the entire area surrounding the rock. You will聽 find wind throughout the year.

So you are really welcome to our page where you will find all what you need in this area.聽

Send us an email and we will be really pleased to answer you.

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Get your kite information

If you dream, you do it. Never is late to learn kitesurf and in the South of Spain about days of wind you will learn for sure. Ask to us about best kite centers and schools. Also you can enjoy another activities:聽 Surf or SUP.

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kitesurf modalities

Kite Begginers

All the information for beginners... kiteschools, spots, equipment...

Kitesurf advanced

All what you need: equimpment and spots

Wing Foil

We teach you new way to enjoy with foil

Kite rental

If you want to rent, we provide you all the information to rent equipment.

Kitesurf Spots

Best kitesurf spots in Gibraltar


Hydrofoil kitesurf perfect for light winds and more...

What our riders say

Your reviews for us are really important and we we want transmit what you know with other kitesurf fans from all around the world.

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Don麓t forget to visit and stay in Tarifa all year long. Amazing wind and atmosphere. You will be back for sure.
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Best season is from Easter to end of October, My favorite months are May, July and October about days of wind and weather.
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I learnt kiteboarding here and was reallyy easy. There are lot of spots and friendly kiters.
John Doe









Ca帽os de Meca

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